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360° Truck DVR system

360° Truck DVR system

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The 360° Truck DVR System is a must-have for truck drivers who prioritize safety and convenience on the road. With its complete 360° view angle, four lenses, and rear camera, you can keep an eye on everything happening around your truck. The AI Smart Blind Zone detection alarm adds an extra layer of safety by alerting you when there is a vehicle in your blind spot.

The 10.36 inch IPS touch screen is user-friendly and provides quick access to features like G-sensor, Motion Detection, and Real Time Surveillance. The dash cam is also built to last, with waterproof and anti-vibration capabilities, ensuring that it can withstand even the toughest conditions.

With support for up to 256GB of external memory, you won't have to worry about running out of space. Plus, the dash cam is powered by your truck's battery or car charger, making it a convenient and reliable choice.

Certified with CE, the 360° Truck DVR System boasts high-quality camera resolution and a maximum video frame rate of 30 frames per second. This portable recorder is the perfect tool for truck drivers who prioritize safety and want to have peace of mind on the road.


  • View angle: 360°
  • Video Format: MP4
  • Video Code: H.265
  • Touch Screen: Yes
  • Screen Ratio: 16:9
  • Screen Size: 10.36 inches IPS Touch Screen
  • Rear Camera: Yes
  • Pixels: 200 Mega
  • Number of Lenses: 4
  • Other Function: AI Smart Blind Zone detection alarm
  • Memory Card Required Reading Speed: Class 10
  • Max External Memory: 256GB
  • Interface: USB2.0, Micro SD/TF
  • Input/Output: USB/SD Card
  • Imaging Sensor: 1/3" Sony Ccd
  • Frames Per Second: 30
  • Camera Resolution: 1536x846
  • Camera Pixels: AHD 1920x1080P
  • Battery Type: Car battery
  • Battery Life: No battery
  • Assembly Mode: Portable Recorder
  • Special Features: G-sensor, Display Rotate, Motion Detection, Real Time Surveillance, Waterproof, Anti Fog, Anti Vibration, Automatic White Balance
  • Certification: CE




  • Pedestrian and Moving Object Detection: The machine uses AI to track and detect pedestrians and moving objects around the vehicle. It also comes with a vehicle blind spot radar alarm and early warning feature, which greatly improves driving safety.

  • 10.36 Inch IPS Touch Screen: The monitor has a large 10.36 inch IPS touch screen with HD 500CD/M2 and AHD 1920x1080P video input. It supports 4-channel screen split screen display.

  • Wide Voltage Support: The machine supports 9V-36V wide voltage and is ideal for car monitoring. It is suitable for small trucks, buses, pickup trucks, work vehicles, large trucks, etc.

  • High-Definition Cameras: The machine comes with four high-definition cameras that are installed on the front, left, right, and rear sides of the vehicle. These cameras are connected to the monitors respectively, allowing real-time driving monitoring, driving assistance, and radar alerts anytime, anywhere.

  • AHD 1080P Camera: The machine supports AHD 1080P camera, which provides clearer and advanced bright color separation, signal filtering, 3D noise reduction technology, higher image clarity, and better image restoration.

  • DVR Loop Recording: The machine supports DVR loop recording, with a maximum 258G TF card.

  • U Disk Support: The machine supports U disk and comes with a built-in speaker for MP4 video and music playback.

  • Camera Image Screen Mirroring: The machine supports camera image screen mirroring function, allowing you to view camera images on the monitor. It also supports reversing line calibration and switching (the screen has its own reversing line).

  • Screen Saver Function: The machine comes with a screen saver function that automatically turns off the screen, making it safer to drive at night.

  • Display Time and Date: The machine displays time and date, and the license plate can be set. The brightness and volume can also be adjusted.

  • Blind Zone Range Setting: The machine supports blind zone range setting, allowing you to calibrate the new blind zone warning range.






AI Smart Blind Zone Detection Alarm that you might find useful:

  • Al Smart Main Control Chip: The monitor has a built-in high computing power Al smart main control chip and high-definition AHD wide-dynamic photosensitive motherboard, which can monitor and identify the risk of reversing in the output image moving object information, greatly improving driving safety.
  • Screen Warning: When reversing, the monitor can dynamically identify the human body and the vehicle in the output video screen. When either of them enters the scale of the screen, the scale of the screen display red to provide a warning.
  • Sound Warning: When reversing, if a human body or a vehicle enters the scale range of the screen, the scale range of the screen display red, and the speaker emits a warning sound.

Menu Setting :

  • Parking Line Range Adjustable: The monitor supports parking line range adjustable, allowing you to customize the parking line to your desired range.
  • Blind Zone Range Settings: The monitor also supports blind zone range settings, which lets you calibrate the new blind spots warning range.
  • Multiple Language Support: The monitor comes with 11 kinds of menu languages, including English, Korean, Russian, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Thai, Chinese, and Hebrew.

4 Channels Split Screen

  • Display 2 to 4 Screens Simultaneously: The monitor can display 2 to 4 screens at the same time, allowing you to view multiple camera feeds simultaneously.
  • 10 Kinds of DIY Screen Display Modes: The monitor offers 10 kinds of DIY screen display modes, which means you can customize the screen to show front view, rear view, left view, and right view separately or together.



Loop Recording

  • Parking Video Recording and Playback: The monitor supports parking video recording and playback, which means it will record the parking video in 24/7 mode when you are not inside of the car. The storage supports up to 256GB. The monitor will automatically overwrite the previous recordings with new files when the memory card is full.
  • Time-Lapse Video Recording Technology: The monitor adopts time-lapse video recording technology, which saves more space and eliminates the need to format the memory card often. Note that time-lapse video recording is only available during parking period, but the monitor will always support normal video recording during driving.
  • H.265 (HEVC) Encoding: The monitor uses H.265 (HEVC) encoding, which doubles the coding efficiency compared to its predecessor H.264. This means it saves more storage space, stores more videos, and the video quality is smoother.


  1. AHD 1080P Camera Lens: The monitor comes with AHD 1080P camera lens that produces high-quality videos with delicate and clear footage even in low light conditions at night.

  2. Truck-Specific Aviation Cable: The monitor comes with a truck-specific aviation cable that includes 1 piece of 15 meters extending cable for the rear view and 3 pieces of 5 meters extending cable for the front, left and right view. You can also customize the cable length as per your requirement.

  3. Waterproof IP68: The camera and cables are waterproof with an IP68 rating, which means they can withstand harsh weather conditions and still operate reliably.

Install four AHD cameras on your vehicle's front, left, right, and rear sides, which will be connected to a monitor. With this setup, you can enjoy real-time monitoring while driving, receive AI recognition reminders, driving assistance, and parking monitoring. You'll also have access to driving records anytime and anywhere.



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